Tax Preparation

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in tax preparation that will be at your complete disposal to help you get the MAXIMUM BENEFIT possible.

W2s and 1099 forms

We elaborate the forms for employees and subcontractors as well as for federal and state governments timely to avoid penalties in the future.


We offer the bookkeeping services that will let you have the financial statements accordingly with the US GAAP. In fact, we organize and prepare your business financial books to maximize efficiency and accuracy; this practice will allow you to be better prepared in the event of an IRS audit.

It is important to mention that we use QuickBooks online and QuickBooks destocks as accounting software with the purpose to give you the best service.

Payroll Services

We process the payroll for your employee and payments for your subcontractors, although we offer direct deposit services for the above payments saving your time, money and allowing you to have a better control of your expenses.

Commercial Check Cashing

When money flows, your business grows.

With Rumba, it’s easy and low cost to get instant access to funds from checks made payable to your company.

Rumba gives you the immediate cash you need to do business.

Rumba’s payroll distribution service provides solutions for your employees too!

Workers Comp

Workers compensation insurance is based on a state laws system that requires employers to provide medical care, disability benefits and lost wages to injured or disabled employees in the course of their employment.

These markets provide workers compensation coverage on a standard hard-to-risk, mono line basis.