Check Cashing

Get cash quickly without waiting on a bank. Bring us your:

  • Payroll
  • Government
  • Social Security
  • SSI
  • Unemployment
  • Veteran
  • Benefits
  • income tax refund
  • Money Orders
  • Insurance settlements
  • Checks payable to your company

We handle it all. Life gets easier with Rumba!

Money Transfers

Rumba will send money quickly to any location in the U.S. and many countries worldwide.
Rely on our safe service to ensure fast transfers when you need them.
We are official Agents of

Your money in minutes anywhere in the world!

Pay Outs

PickUp money that we send from anywhere in the world through WesternUnion

Money Orders

You can purchase money orders at every location with cash and use the money orders for payment.

Pay your bills conveniently from a Rumba location and walk out with receipts for all transactions.

Bill Payment

Rumba helps you pay your bills on-time, everytime.

Whether you need same day express or normal processing, we have you covered.
Visit one of our locations, save on postage, and pay your utilities, loans, credit cards, and more.

Provide your latest bill or account number and let Rumba do the rest.

Prepaid Cards

You don’t require a savings or checking account to get a Rumba "INSIGHT" prepaid debit card that lets you keep an eye on your cash.

Rumba’s remote capture feature allows you to be anywhere in the country to load your debit card.

No credit check to get a card!

Get paid 1-3 days earlier with direct deposit.
Your money is protected against unauthorized purchases.

Phone Top-UPS

Recharge your cell phone locally or recharge a phone in another country.
Top-ups for only national calls, international calls or data plan.