We are a financial organization that facilitates our clients, their families, their companies and the community in general to achieve their dreams through the quality and excellence in our work team and in our services; always being their best option.


By 2025 Rumba consolidates itself as the financial services organization with the largest coverage and recognition in GA and TN, with 30 locations, basing our leadership in the four pillars that characterize us: Excellence, Innovation, Integrality and social work focused on access to education for Latino youth.



I provide the best quality and service to our clients through an excellent work team.


The treatment I give my clients is the best possible and I always treat them as I would like them to treat me.


I am transparent with my words and with my actions.


We offer our services to people of all races and cultures around the world.


I make clients feel that they have the support and commitment necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the services received.

Social Sense

We actively support the construction of a better society, by supporting the education of Hispanic youth.


I am transparent in my work and I keep my word, when I said that I was going to do it and I am in communication when I don't.